types of eyecare professional

Types of Eye Care Professionals

Are you in need of an oculist? You know you need the expertise of an eye doctor when you’re having trouble with your eyes. However, there are so many types of eye care professionals out there, it can be hard to figure out which one you need for your specific case.

Here are a few of the main types of eye care professionals and what makes each one different from the rest.


An ophthalmic medical practitioner specializes in preventing diseases of the eye. They can do everything from prescribing contact lenses or glasses to performing eye surgery. Ophthalmic medical personnel are well-versed in the eye’s anatomy and are often involved in research to learn more about eye diseases.


If you just need glasses, chances are you would go to see an optometrist. These doctors specialize in problems relating to vision, can write prescriptions, and can treat most eye diseases, although they can’t perform surgery.


Orthoptists usually work under ophthalmologists to diagnose issues related to eye movement. They may use vision therapy to help patients correct their eye movement and use both eyes in tandem.


An optician is not a doctor. Rather, they are a professional who gives out optical appliances such as glasses when a patient has a prescription. They cannot write prescriptions themselves.


An ocularist specializes in fitting patients with prosthetic eyes in the event that they have lost one or more of their own, whether due to damage, disease, or congenital disability. They are involved in all steps of the process, from taking measurements to creating the actual prosthesis.

The ophthalmologists at Seema Eye Care Centre are experienced and able to treat all manner of optical issues, including problems where surgery is needed. If you need glasses or would like to talk to a doctor about other eye concerns, call our office and book an appointment today.