why seema eye care center

Why Seema?

Welcome to Seema Eye Care Centre! Our highly qualified ophthalmologists are experts in applying the latest proven medical and surgical treatments with excellent outcomes. We are leaders in vision correction surgeries and also have a special interest in treating dry eye disorders. We are pleased to welcome both new and returning patients to our office, with or without a referral!

Advanced Attention to Your Care

At Seema Eye Care, our corneal specialists have obtained specialty training and fellowships in corneal surgery. With very extensive knowledge of the eye, our doctors have the ability to treat both medical and surgical eye problems. Our focus is on screening and treating patients for numerous eye conditions. We believe in a diagnostic and treatment approach that relies on a thorough analysis of the eye, backed by our comprehensive knowledge base. We are proud to utilize some of the most advanced diagnostic testing systems available in medicine in order to provide the most extensive diagnostic workup and analysis possible. Our doctor’s breadth of knowledge in dealing with various eye pathologies, and our ability to screen very thoroughly for those pathologies, means you are in excellent hands!

Large Network of Trusted Physicians

We work with a large network of trusted optometrists and medical practitioners throughout the city and surrounding areas. We welcome any referrals from our referral network that seek our expertise in treating complex medical and surgical eye problems. And we work closely with our referring colleagues and rely on them to ensure proper continuity of care after patients are seen by us.

Dedication to On-Going Research and Education

In addition to our focus on providing the best possible patient care, we are also focused on research and teaching. Seema Eye Care Centre is affiliated with the University of Calgary, where our doctors are appointed teachers and take part in teaching medical students and resident ophthalmologists in clinical and surgical practices. Our doctors and students have been involved in various ophthalmological research projects in the fields of corneal cross-linking, corneal transplantation, and cataract surgery, to name a few. Our doctors, residents, and medical students have had the opportunity to present their research at a number of national and international Ophthalmology conferences and scientific meetings, and continue to make it a priority to do so. We are proud to say many of these research presentations have won several awards and recognitions in the past.

Choose Seema for Your Eye Care Needs

Why choose Seema? Our personable and thorough approach, combined with our medical expertise and advanced diagnostic screening methods make Seema Eye Care a well-rounded, trustworthy centre for your eye care needs. It is important to note that there are many eye diseases that can occur without people even being aware of them. That is why it is crucial to have a very comprehensive eye exam to maintain the health of your eyes. Getting that exam should be done by either an optometrist or ophthalmologist on a regular basis, and we are happy to co-manage any required care with your optometrist to ensure you receive the best medical attention possible.

Contact Seema Eye Care Centre for more information or to make an appointment with our qualified team of eye care professionals.