Dr John McWhae


dr john mcwhae

Dr. McWhae

Dr. John McWhae attended the University of Alberta for his medical degree. He did his ophthalmology residency at Dalhousie University, Halifax. He then did a fellowship in ocular oncology (eye cancer) and eye ultrasound at the University of Toronto and later did training in oculoplastic surgery in Calgary.

John is an Associate Clinical Professor, at the University of Calgary. His primary research interests are eye ultrasound and the connection of the eye and brain with the camera and imaging systems. He has given medical lectures on 4 continents.

He has recently changed his scope of practice and is no longer doing reconstructive surgery. He continues to accept referrals for general ophthalmology and eyelid abnormalities.

John is a professional photographer with the website Mcwhaephotographic.com.

John is an active participant, volunteer and official in endurance sports.