why might one need a cornea transplant

Why Might One Need a Cornea Transplant?

Many people take their vision for granted, but vision loss affects more people than most realize. For many individuals who have farsightedness or nearsightedness, their vision can be corrected with the help of contact lenses or glasses. However, some people may have more serious vision problems, and in some cases, may require corneal transplantation in Calgary. In this blog post, our Seema Eye Care Centre team describes what a corneal transplant involves and when it is recommended.

Reasons for Cornea Transplants

There are many reasons why one may require a cornea transplant. Generally, cornea transplants are recommended by eye surgeons in Calgary to improve patients’ vision and overall quality of life. Here are some of the most common reasons why cornea transplants are performed:

1. Inflammation and Infection of the Eyes

One of the main reasons why an individual may require a cornea transplant is because of an infection in the eye. Infections can lead to corneal scarring, making it challenging for people to see clearly and leading to the necessity of a cornea transplant. People may develop eye infections due to a weakened immune system, eye rubbing, and contact lenses.

2. Fuch’s Dystrophy

Another reason why one may need a cornea transplant is due to a condition known as Fuch’s Dystrophy. This is a disease of the cornea that causes the endothelial layer to die. The role of the endothelial layer is to produce fluid that keeps the cornea clear and healthy. When this layer is damaged, the cornea becomes inflamed, leading to blurred and cloudy vision and often pain.

3. A Thin Cornea

Some people may have some chronic medical conditions that lead to a thin cornea. The role of your cornea is to focus the light in your eye. However, a condition known as keratoconus causes the cornea to thin and change shape, making the light appear out of focus, leading to blurred vision. Blurred vision from a thin cornea can create challenges with typing, reading, driving, texting, and more. Getting corneal transplantation near you is often recommended in this circumstance to rectify your vision.

What Does a Cornea Transplant Entail?

When you visit our team of eye surgeons near you for a cornea transplant, the procedure will begin with your eye surgeon providing you with medication to help you relax as well as a local anesthetic to numb your eye. The majority of people are not fully asleep during their procedure, but they will not feel pain either. During the procedure, your eye surgeon will use a special surgical tool to cut through the diseased cornea to remove the tissue. They will then size your new cornea and sew it into place. The new cornea will either be donated from another human or be artificially made to suit your eye.

Cornea Transplants Lead to Improved Vision

While the idea of eye surgery may sound daunting and overwhelming, getting a cornea transplant can make a huge impact on your vision and allow you to engage in your everyday activities with ease and even joy. Through a cornea transplant, individuals experience a huge improvement in their overall quality of life.

If you have noticed changes in your vision or have been told that you may benefit from a cornea transplant, please do not hesitate to proceed with this procedure. If you have any questions about this life-changing procedure or would like to learn more about how it can benefit you, please do not hesitate to contact our team at Seema Eye Care Centre.