what happens if dry eyes are left untreated

What Happens If Dry Eyes are Left Untreated?

When you have a chronic eye condition, your eyes either don’t produce enough tears or they generate tears of poor quality. It may make your eyes feel scratchy or cause them to get inflamed. People experience dryness at varying degrees. If your dry eye condition is less severe, you might neglect it. But if it persists or looks to be getting worse, it’s necessary to seek immediate medical attention.

Tears are essential for the health of your eyes. They aid in lubricating your eyes and clearing them of any flying debris that can irritate them. Dry eye can worsen and lead to problems that lower your quality of life if it is not treated. In order to ensure that your vision is not impacted by any factors, our dental clinic offers dry eye treatment near you. Consult with our professionals if you are experiencing any eye concerns as it is crucial to receive immediate medical attention.

Complications Due to Dry Eye

Here are a few problems that could occur if chronic dry eye is not treated:

  • Corneal ulcer

The cornea is a transparent outer layer that protects your eyes and develops into an open sore. Although these ulcers often develop after an injury or can also be caused due to extremely dry eyes. When your tear glands do not generate enough tears, your eyes may not be able to wash away debris like dirt and other particles that occasionally get into your eyes. Your cornea’s surface can get scratched and if germs enter the scratch, an infection could grow and lead to an ulcer.

With the use of antibiotic eye drops, this condition is curable, but if ignored, the ulcers could grow and damage the eyeball, resulting in partial or complete blindness.

  • Conjunctivitis

The conjunctiva can become inflamed if dry eyes are untreated. The white portion of your eyeball and the inside of your eyelids are covered by this transparent layer of cells. Some of the symptoms include redness, light sensitivity, and a gritty sensation in the eyes. The majority of the time, it’s less severe and doesn’t require treatment, but you should see an eye specialist near you if the inflammation continues or intensifies.

  • Inability to wear contact lenses

Your eyes must generate enough tears for the contact lenses to feel comfortable. If not, it can cause your contact lenses to get too dry. Inflammation, a gritty sensation, and redness may result due to extremely dry lenses.

Moreover, dry contact lenses have a tendency to stick to your eyes, making it challenging to remove them. Chronic dry eyes may prohibit you from wearing your lenses because they require moisture in the eyes. Eye surgeons in Calgary advise wearing glasses in these situations rather than contact lenses.

  • Difficulty reading or driving

Another sign of chronic dry eyes is blurry vision. Untreated blurriness could eventually get worse or turn into double vision. Driving, reading, and sometimes even working are extremely difficult due to this condition.

  • Headaches

Your everyday routine life may be impacted by dealing with chronic headaches. Concentration could be challenging, making it difficult to enjoy your favorite activities and your performance at work and the academy may also suffer.


Chronic dry eye is a common issue, yet if it goes untreated, it may lead to serious consequences. With over-the-counter artificial tears, you can treat your dry eyes. Speak with your ophthalmologist or optometrist if this option does not work for you. The appropriate medical care can enhance both the quantity and quality of your tears as well as your life. If you experience any of the symptoms contact Seema Eye Clinic. We offer dry eye treatment in Calgary to patients who suffer from this chronic condition.

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