ways to keeping your eyes safe during summer

Ways to Keep Your Eyes Safe During Summer

Summers are all about sprawling out on a beach, lounging on your deck, or beside a swimming pool and simply being outside soaking in all the warm sunrays. However, there is plenty of damage that can be caused by the harmful UV rays from the sun – and as the responsible person you are, you likely wear a very good SPF to protect your skin. One of the things that many people overlook when being in the sun is the long term damage that the sunrays can cause one’s eyes. Prolonged exposure to the sun can create a strain on the eyes, and potentially damage the retinas, cause excessive dryness, itching, and infections that will require you to visit an eye surgeon near you.

This article takes you through some of the ways to protect your eyes while you fully enjoy the sunny joy that summers bring.

  • Wearing sunglasses
  • Waterproof makeup
  • Hydration
  • A well-balanced diet

Wearing UV Protective Sunglasses

To begin with the most basic preventive measure, you should always wear a good quality pair of UV protective sunglasses whenever you decide to soak in some summer sunrays. This will help you avoid any dry eye complications that often happen due to excessive exposure to the sun according to eye surgeons in Calgary. Just any pair of sunglasses that you buy at the mall will not give you the protection your eyes need and deserve. This is why you should always invest in a high-quality pair of shades that offer 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays to fully safeguard your eyes from harmful crepuscular rays.

Getting your summer face on with waterproof makeup

This one is for the ladies! Everyone loves to take that perfect summer selfie at the beach or by the pool for social media, so naturally, a touch of makeup before you go out is common for most. The downside of this is that many tend to overlook that the heat of the summer sun usually causes makeup to dissolve, mix with sweat, and get into the crevices of eyes and skin. This can not only cause itching and redness, but it also leads to bacteria growth if not removed properly. The easiest way to avoid this is by trying to stay away from makeup when you sunbathe during the summer, but if you must, try to go for waterproof makeup products at all times. You can use a makeup setting spray to keep your makeup right where you left it. Moreover, remember to always remove your makeup thoroughly before you go to bed.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Dehydration often comes hand in hand with the summer – so while you are lounging on the beach, always remember to keep a water bottle next to you and take a few sips regularly. Being in air-conditioned rooms can also dehydrate your body during summer, which would lead you to seek dry eye treatment in Calgary. When your body dehydrates, it can inhibit your eyes from producing tears and moisture that lead to dry eyes. In order to maintain the natural fluid production of your eyes, you should maintain a good hydration level. You can also keep some eye drops in handy to give a quick hydration boost to your eyes when you feel dry, but natural fluid production is always the best.

You are what you eat!

Last but not least, you should always be conscious about what goes in your body, to keep your bodily functions, including your vision at its optimal levels. There is only so much outward protection we can provide our bodies. Do not hesitate to obtain relief with dry eye treatment near you the moment you feel discomfort from having dry eyes during the summer season. Meanwhile, remember to include some extra helpings of Vitamin C, E, and Zinc-rich food into your daily meals. They help prevent vision complications such as cataract and muscular degeneration of your eye even before they happen. They also have the ability to improve your eyesight overall.