healthy treatment for dry eyes

The Healthy Treatment Alternative for Dry Eyes

With the dry, Alberta air, dry eyes are a prominent issue in here. Finding dry eye treatment in Calgary is essential for living in a climate where the air attacks your face. Perhaps your eyes feel itchy or sore, or you may have trouble focusing and even seeing right.

Your eyes are tired, red, and dry. It’s only 11 am, so you know you have a long day ahead of you where you know your eyes are just going to bother you more and more. Dry eyes are not only irritating; it can hinder your life. Like sand specs rolling around your eyelids, they become more and more irritable until you want to close them forever. 

There are some things you can try to combat that gritty, sore feeling. Although rarely serious, the dry eye causes usually stem from the Meibomian glands not functioning correctly. These glands run along the edge of your eyelid. Its slightly oily secretions help the tears from spilling down your face when your eyes well up with tears. The secretions from the Meibomian glands mix with water and mucus to protect our eyes from drying out. 

Wearing contacts, suffering from allergies, and having an autoimmune disease such as rosacea, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis increased your susceptibility to your Meibomian glands not working correctly. 

As with most physical body issues, nutrition and exercise are essential to optimum performance. The eyes are no exception, and they do require some special dietary needs to keep them healthy and robust while producing the right amount of moisture. The fatty oils found in fish can help banish the sand you feel grating around inside your head. By pressing your eyelids together a few times a day, you can work out those gland muscles and stimulate them to produce more natural tears. 

Other easy options to try including:

  • Drink more water and less alcohol. Even your eyeballs get thirsty, so without proper hydration, your body takes it from everywhere to fee the more important pares that require water to function. Alcohol has a known dehydration effect. So, avoid liquor and drink water instead. 
  • Enjoy life without electronics for a while. All the screen time can burn an eyeball out, so taking time to lessen the strain on them is always helpful. 
  • Check your environment. Do you work in an office with year-round air conditioning? Is it hot out, is the air quality safe? Stay away from smoking if possible and be aware of your surroundings to protect your eyes. In the summer, we experience days of forest fire smoke being detected. Stay inside if possible and remember to exercise your eyes. Look into dry eye treatment centers near you. 

LipiFlow can help if the problem becomes unbearable. 

What is LipFlow

LipiFlo is a treatment option available that utilizes heat and gentle pressure with a device designed to unblock the glands. In a straightforward 12 min procedure, activators are placed on your eyelids. Vectored thermal pulse is activated with a bit of heat, which massages your eyelids and the glands, working out anything old, causing a blockage. With 25 years behind it in research and its success rate, LipiFlo is quickly climbing to the top for dry eye treatment. Long term effects of dry eye can cause permanent damage. Early intervention is optimal. Book an appointment at our eye center in Calgary, where your glands can be assessed, and treatment can be scheduled. Let’s get rid of those dry eyes so you can go back to living life without sandpaper blurring your vision.