the benefits of contact lenses

The Benefits of Contact Lenses – What Optometrists Want You to Know

What Your Optometrist Wants You to Keep in Mind

  • Your Contact Lens Prescription and Your Glasses Prescription Are Not Identical! – the difference varies from patient to patient, so the only way to get the correct lens prescription is with a professional fitting.
  • If You Purchase Your Lenses Online, You Could Be Putting Your Eye Health at Risk! – Trusting online retailers is risky, you don’t know the quality of their products.
  • Over-Wearing and Sleeping in Your Contact Lenses Deprive Your Eyes of Essential Oxygen! – lenses are made to be permeable and allow oxygen to get to the eye, extended-wear limits this ability.
  • Contact Lens Technology Has Allowed Advancements for Eye Doctors to Provide Comfortable, Amazing Vision with Contact Lenses for Even More Patients! – your contacts from a year ago could actually have a newer version with more benefits.

The Benefits of Contact Lenses

  • Freedom from Eyeglasses – for outdoor activities and sports, being able to see clearly without glasses is ideal.
  • Contact Lenses Offer Unobstructed, Clear Vision – they have a much wider field of vision when compared to glasses.
  • In Some Cases, Better Vision Than Eyeglasses – for some prescriptions, lenses can actually help more than glasses.
  • Contact Lenses Offer Freedom for Wearers in All Seasons! – while a summer without glasses is great, not having your glasses fog up in the winter is just as helpful.
  • Some Patients Still Don’t Like How They Look in Glasses – not everyone thinks they look good in glasses, so allow contacts to help you build your confidence.

Why Your Optometrist Recommends a Fitting

  • Optimal Vision – Clear, Crisp Vision with Contact Lenses: For each patient’s specific needs, your eye doctor will write a separate prescription based on the specific needs.
  • Comfort – Personalized Fit Specific to You: Optometrists take a wide variety of measurements to ensure your lens fits the unique shape of your eye.
  • Best Recommendation – Eye Doctors Evaluate Your Specific Needs: With consistent visits, your optometrist can see the patterns of your eye health and better predict any issues.
  • Latest Technology – The Latest and Greatest in Contact Lenses: Each year there are even more advancements in contact lens technology. Not consistently visiting your optometrist makes you miss out on these innovations.