discusses dry eye disease

Talk to the Experts: Dr. Al-Ghoul Discusses Dry Eye Disease

Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghoul of Seema Eye Care Centre recently sat down to talk with Pam Hunter at Talk to the Experts about a number of eye issues including dry eye disease, that are affecting the SW Calgary community that we see at Seema Eye Care Centre.

About Dry Eye Disease

Although the weather in Calgary can play a big factor in “dry eye disease” there are actually a number of factors that are resulting in an increase in the diagnoses of dry eyes in Calgary and the rest of the world.

Dry eye disease is a very prevalent disease, in fact, millions of people around the world are affected. Dry eye disease occurs when the quantity or quality of tears has diminished, resulting in inflammation of the eye which then results in even less tear production and quality.

Previously it was believed that dry eye disease was a prevalent condition for the elderly, however recent research has shown that dry eye disease can actually affect almost anyone due to a number of factors which include:

  • Age
  • Medical Conditions
  • Medications
  • Laser Eye Surgery
  • Tear Gland Damage
  • Dry Air
  • Wind
  • Smoke
  • Not Blinking Enough
  • Eyelid Problems

Experience dry eyes but not sure what the cause is? Schedule an appointment with Seema Eye Care Centre; we’d be happy to help.

Dry Eye Treatment in SW Calgary

Are you experiencing chronic dry eyes? Don’t hesitate to schedule your appointment at Seema Eye Care Centre in SW Calgary. We would be happy to examine your eyes to determine if you have dry eye disease and what can be done to treat the problem.