how to know if you have scratched your cornea

How to Know If You’ve Scratched Your Cornea

When you are out in Calgary working or socializing, sometimes you can cause injury to your eye, such as scratching your cornea. A scratched cornea is one of the most frequent eye injuries that we see at Seema Eye, but it can be easily treated and corrected by our team of eye specialists and eye surgeons near you.

What is the Cornea?

The cornea is the transparent layer at the front of your eye. The main function of the cornea is to focus light, allowing us to see. A healthy cornea is necessary for proper vision. When an individual scratches their cornea, it is painful and makes the cornea more vulnerable to infection. This is why it is vital to come and visit Seema Eye as soon as possible if you believe you have scratched your cornea instead of taking care of it on your own.

What Causes a Corneal Abrasion?

There are multiple ways that you can injure your cornea. Workplace debris, a stray tree branch while hiking, or a makeup brush are just some things that can scratch your cornea. Scratching your cornea doesn’t have to be a big event; sometimes, it can happen simply from rubbing your eyes when there is dust in them.

What Are the Signs of Corneal Abrasion?

Your cornea is one of the more sensitive areas of your body, so you will definitely notice if you have scratched it. Even a small scratch can be very painful and can feel much bigger than it really is.

A scratched cornea will cause a fair amount of pain and often makes it feel like you have something stuck in your eye. Other signs of corneal abrasion include tearing, eye twitching, headaches, blurry vision, light sensitivity, redness, dull ache, and sometimes nausea.

It is important that you don’t rub your eyes, as this can worsen your situation. If you have something in your eye, flush it out with contact lens solution or sterile eyewash. Try to avoid using tap water, as it can contain bacteria that can cause infection. After flushing your eye, if you still feel that there is something in your eye, call our team of professional eye specialists and eye surgeons in Calgary.

Diagnosing and Treating Corneal Abrasions

When you visit Seema Eye, our doctors will inspect your injured eye using magnifying instruments to help them see the extent of the scratch and if there are any foreign bodies present. Our doctors may use a fluorescein dye to help them see the abrasions.

After this, our doctors will often apply a topical anesthesia to help alleviate your eye pain. They will then place a tight patch over your eye to help the scratch heal overnight. If the abrasion is large, they will prescribe antibiotics to ensure the eye does not become infected, and the healing may take a couple of days.
It is unlikely you will require extensive treatments such as corneal transplantation near you, but our team can provide these treatments for you if your eye is severely damaged.

Visit Seema Eye

If you suspect you have scratched your cornea, visit our clinic today. Our team is happy to assist you by easing your discomfort and protecting your vision. If you are looking for a clinic that offers a variety of treatments, from routine eye exams to corneal transplantation in Calgary, Seema Eye is the place for you! Please contact us to book a consultation today.