how long does laser vision correction last

How Long Does Laser Vision Correction Last?

LASIK eye surgery near you is used to permanently change the shape of the cornea of the eye to correct vision problems such as astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. At Seema Eye Care Centre, this is done using a special laser to make very precise and detailed corrections. This results in crisp, clear vision for patients with no further need for glasses or contact lenses.

Once those visual imperfections have been corrected through LASIK eye surgery in Calgary, it is expected that the shape of the cornea will remain stable. The cornea will never revert to the same problems that caused an individual to seek visual correction in the first place. In the majority of cases, eyesight is permanently improved after LASIK.

Do the Results of LASIK Always Last?

While reshaping done by eye surgeons near you during LASIK treatment never reverses, this doesn’t mean that you won’t eventually need enhancement surgery. If your original surgery does not achieve your desired results or your eye changes drastically due to medical reasons such as cataracts, you will find yourself in need of enhancements.

Most of the time, LASIK enhancements are not needed for many years after the original procedure, if at all. To reduce the risk of needing enhancement, eye surgeons in Calgary will want to ensure that your glasses or contacts prescription has been stable for a while prior to proceeding with LASIK surgery. A thorough, three-dimensional eye exam will help our doctors decide if you are a viable candidate for LASIK eye surgery prior to approval.

Can the Effects of Laser Eye Surgery Fade?

In short, the answer to this question is no. However, undergoing LASIK eye surgery will not prevent your eyes from going through other natural changes as you age. Presbyopia, nearsightedness, and farsightedness can progress as one ages.

Presbyopia is one of the most common changes that younger patients experience after undergoing LASIK eye surgery. Presbyopia eventually occurs in almost all individuals. As we age, the internal lens of our eye gradually loses the ability to focus on close objects, even after one undergoes LASIK to reshape their cornea. Even though the cornea was permanently corrected through the procedure, the lens will continue to go through age-related changes.

In the same way that someone with excellent natural vision will probably require glasses for reading once they reach their forties, someone who had corrective vision surgery done in their twenties may find they also need reading glasses when they become middle-aged. Often, individuals in this situation will be viable candidates for vision enhancement procedures.

It is essential to understand that LASIK eye surgery does not cause presbyopia to occur sooner or worsen its effects. LASIK cannot prevent these natural changes to the eye, nor can it protect from disease or injuries that could damage the lens or cornea, but it can offer excellent long-term vision correction and eliminate the need for prescription glasses or lenses.

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