how does our night vision compare

How Does Our Night Vision Compare?

Have you ever wondered why we humans don’t have night vision? The eyes are the most complex sensory organs in our bodies, allowing us to clearly see the world around us in a precise image. But due to the fact that we are awake during the day and asleep at night, our night vision is pretty much useless in comparison to some other members of the animal kingdom.

About Rods and Cones

Rods and cones are two of the most important cells involved in our ability to see. In humans, cones come in three different varieties; these are red, green or blue light sensitive. Cones allow us to see sharp, detailed, full-color images. Those that are colorblind are missing one type of these cones, which limits the range of colors they can view. The drawback to cones, however, is that they only work in lots of light.

Rods, the other type of cell important for our vision, on the other hand, can function much better in less light. Rods, however, cannot detect the different colors and provide a much less sharp and detailed image.

Which Animals Have the Best Night Vision?

Most people probably think an owl or a cat has the best night vision in the animal kingdom. However, this is not the case. While their night vision is quite great, frogs/toads actually have the best night vision. Both of these animals can see color in almost complete darkness, due to the fact the rods in their eyes have two different sensitivities, much like human cones (which come in three). This night vision, however, does come at a cost: animals with good night vision tend to see things a little blurry.

How is Your Vision?

For humans, the ability to see sharp, clear and in color is far more important than the ability to see at night. However, it is quite interesting to learn about how other species see in comparison. At Seema Eye Care Centre in Calgary, we are dedicated to your vision. If your vision isn’t working the way that it should, feel free to contact our Calgary eye clinic today. We’d be happy to evaluate your eyes and vision health!