help what do i do if my vision changes

Help! What do I do if… my vision changes?

Many of us have experienced that feeling of our vision just not being quite as good as it once was. Maybe you’ve noticed it when attempting to read a blackboard or presentation, drive at night, read the small print on a bottle of aspirin, or score a goal in a game of soccer. At the end of the day, a decrease in vision can make you feel less capable of completing normal tasks. There are lots of reasons that can explain a decrease in vision. A change in refractive error, dry eyes, cataracts, damage to the back of the eye due to medications or systemic diseases, injuries, and conditions affecting the cornea are all possibilities that can result in poorer vision.

Often, small changes over time can lead to big, noticeable changes that cause patients to struggle in their daily lives. This is why it is important to be regularly followed by an ophthalmologist or optometrist. A regular eye exam can pick up those small changes, and your doctor can offer options to correct those changes, or possibly prevent them from progressing further.

Even with a regular yearly eye exam, you may still experience changes in your vision that you may not be able to explain. The best course of action? If you’ve been following this particular series on our blog, you may have already guessed the answer to this question: call your eye care professional and make an appointment for a follow-up exam, even if it’s not yet time for your yearly checkup. A mild update to your eyeglass prescription may be all that’s needed, or perhaps it’s time to start discussing cataract surgery, medicated eye drops, or other laser or surgical treatments to stabilize your eyes. Your eye care professional can help determine the right course of action and will advise if a referral to a specialist is required.

Regular eye exams are one of your best modes of action for maintaining excellent eye health. Your eyes are precious, and we are here to ensure you obtain the best vision possible today, tomorrow, and for years to come!

*Please note that this post is to be used as an educational tool, and Dr. Al-Ghoul and the team at Seema Eye Care do not recommend you use this as a substitute for proper eye care. Please contact our office or your nearest eye care facility for medical attention if required.