how often should you get an eye exam

How Often Should You Get an Eye Exam?

Are you confused about how frequently you should have your eyes examined? Regular eye exams at an eye specialist near you are necessary for preservin...

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what happens if dry eyes are left untreated

What Happens If Dry Eyes are Left Untreated?

When you have a chronic eye condition, your eyes either don’t produce enough tears or they generate tears of poor quality. It may make your eye...

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what questions should i ask about lasik surgery

What Questions Should I Ask About LASIK Surgery?

The majority of individuals are aware of LASIK and its remarkable abilities. Over 95% of LASIK patients get 20/20 vision or greater, making it one of...

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history and evolution of cataract surgery

History and Evolution of Cataract Surgery 

Introduction Cataract surgery is a surgical procedure that removes a clouded lens from the eye and replaces it with an artificial lens implant. Th...

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am i a candidate for a corneal transplant

Am I a Candidate for a Corneal Transplant?

Our vision is a very big part of our life and so, it’s important that we practice good habits and prioritize the health of our eyes. For some, this...

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why do some people need glasses after cataract surgery

Why Do Some People Need Glasses After Cataract Surgery? 

Cataract surgery is a process that involves replacing the lens in your eye with an artificial one. This process is done when your natural lens ...

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