studying hurting your eyes

Is Studying Hurting Your Eyes?

Students have plenty to worry about already. Everything from paying tuition to meeting deadlines to navigating remote learning (silent or frozen Zoom ...

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dry eyes are more than a nuisance

Dry Eyes Are More Than a Nuisance, and Here’s Why

Dry eyes are a common phenomenon with diverse cases that can be simple or complex. While, in many cases, dry eyes may be a mere nuisance, they can als...

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healthy treatment for dry eyes

The Healthy Treatment Alternative for Dry Eyes

With the dry, Alberta air, dry eyes are a prominent issue in here. Finding dry eye treatment in Calgary is essential for living in a climate where th...

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Corneal Transplant Surgery 101

Eye surgeons in Calgary can treat and resolve many problems with your cornea to improve your eyesight and prevent deterioration of vision. Two common ...

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How to Know You Need Cataract Surgery

Statistics suggest that there may be 2,500,000 Canadians living with cataracts, a number that may double over the next decade. Approximately 350,000 p...

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Ten Home Remedies for Dry Eyes

The Canadian National Institute for the Blind estimates that approximately 30% of Canadians experience dry eye. Dry eye is a condition when your eye d...

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