Treating Corneal Ectasia

As mentioned on our Corneal Ectasia Management page, the term corneal ectasia can refer to a group of conditions, most notably keratoconus. It is caus...

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The Effects of Drinking Alcohol On Your Eyes

Everyone who has too much to drink knows that being a little tipsy can cause blurry vision, but is that where the effects stop? What does drinking alc...

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How to Improve Your Vision Health

If a person waits too long to focus on improving their vision health, there is a large risk of developing advanced eye disease. There are many actions...

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How Does Our Night Vision Compare?

Have you ever wondered why us humans don’t have night vision? The eyes are the most complex sensory organs in our bodies, allowing us to clearly see...

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Foods That Keep Your Eyes Healthy

It seems like everyone already knows that carrots are good for your eyes, but does that mean they give you supervision or the sudden ability to see at...

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Toys & Activities for Vision Development

When your young baby is first learning to play, you might not think that you have a way of training their vision, but you do! Just as babies need to l...

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