protecting your eye health

Protecting Your Eye Health

Eyesight is a valuable gift and one we often take for granted. For a lasting quality of life, it is important to ward off vision problems by protectin...

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facts about the cornea and corneal disease

Facts About the Cornea and Corneal Disease

You might not think twice about your corneas on an everyday basis, but they’re a big part of the reason you can see. It’s important to keep them h...

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help what do i do if i begin to see floater

Help! What do I do if… I begin to see floaters?

“Floaters” is the term we use for those little black spots or lines you may see moving around—or floating—in and out of your vision. They are ...

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help what do i do if i scratch my cornea

Help! What do I do if… I scratch my cornea?

Anyone who has ever experienced an abrasion (or scratch) to the cornea will agree: it hurts! Pain, tearing, light sensitivity, and a foreign body sens...

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help what do i do if my vision changes

Help! What do I do if… my vision changes?

Many of us have experienced that feeling of our vision just not being quite as good as it once was. Maybe you’ve noticed it when attempting to read ...

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do contacts cause dry eyes

Do Contacts Cause Dry Eyes?

Dry eye symptoms are caused by either not enough moisture or poor-quality tears. Human tears contain three main components. The lacrimal gland produce...

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