can you wear makeup if you have an eye infection

Can You Wear Makeup If You Have an Eye Infection?

Facing eye infections can be quite challenging. Dealing with redness, irritation, and the uncomfortable sensation of something gritty in your eye can ...

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how can an eclipse hurt your eyes

How Can an Eclipse Hurt Your Eyes?

Have you ever heard about a solar eclipse? It’s a fascinating event where the moon moves in front of the sun, blocking its light for a short tim...

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pain behind the eyes what causes it

Pain Behind the Eyes: What Causes It?

You’re going about your day when suddenly, a dull ache or sharp pain pierces behind your eyes. Eye surgery in Calgary provides advanced options ...

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identifying early signs and symptoms of cataracts: do you have one

Identifying Early Signs and Symptoms of Cataracts: Do You Have One?

Have you ever noticed a cloudy or blurry spot in your vision? It might not be just tired eyes; it could be a cataract forming. Cataracts are a common ...

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is it necessary to have an eye exam every year

Is It Necessary to Have an Eye Exam Every Year?

Have you considered the importance of regular eye exams?  Beyond clear vision, they safeguard overall eye health. In our busy lives, eye health often...

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what do you need to know about alcohol and dry eyes

What Do You Need to Know About Alcohol and Dry Eyes?

Dry eyes can be a common and uncomfortable condition affecting people of all ages. While various factors contribute to dry eye disease and discomfort,...

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