am i a candidate for a corneal transplant

Am I a Candidate for a Corneal Transplant?

Our vision is a very big part of our life and so, it’s important that we practice good habits and prioritize the health of our eyes. For some, this means attending a regular eye exam at least once a year. For others, it may be receiving surgical treatments to improve significant vision problems – one example of this is undergoing corneal transplant surgery in Calgary. 

If you’re interested in learning more about this treatment, talk to an eye specialist near you. They’ll be able to address all your questions and concerns. 

What is the Cornea?

The entire structure of our eye is made up of several smaller entities, one of which is the cornea. The cornea is one of the outer layers of our eyes. Its purpose is to channel any incoming light by focusing it and bending it; as a result, we’re able to see sharp images and objects that are both near and far. 

The cornea itself is composed of clear, yet durable tissue. In addition to helping us see, it also stops dirt and debris from getting in your eye. 

What’s a Corneal Transplant?

A corneal transplant (known more formally as a keratoplasty) is exactly what it sounds like: it’s an optical surgery that involves removing a patient’s dysfunctional cornea and replacing it with a functioning one. 

Whether you’re looking to receive eye surgery, dental surgery, or general surgery at a hospital, it’s important that you speak with a health professional first. They’ll invite you to schedule a private consultation during which they’ll ask about your medical background and discuss your preferences regarding treatment. They will also assess the health of your eye and take measurements so that if/when you have the procedure, the size of the donor cornea is appropriate for you. Lastly, your eye doctor will guide you through everything that the surgery entails.  

Before you leave, they will be able to identify whether you’re an appropriate candidate for corneal transplant surgery near you. Common reasons for this procedure are: 

  • There’s a tear in your cornea. 
  • Your cornea is bulging outward.
  • Corneal swelling. 
  • Scarring. 
  • Corneal ulcers have formed.
  • Other complications have arisen from previous eye surgery.

You may not be able to undergo this procedure if you have a corneal infection or you’ve already received corneal surgery and it was unsuccessful. 

For more information, talk to your eye doctor. 

Post-Surgery Steps 

Once the surgery itself has been completed, you’ll need to take it easy for a few days to allow your eye to recover. Your surgeon will provide you with a patch or glasses for you to wear during this time. 

It’s normal to experience some irritation or itching, but DON’T rub your eye since doing so can cause damage. Your surgeon may recommend using eyedrops to ensure that your eye doesn’t get dry. 

Lastly, don’t panic if your vision remains blurry for a bit, this is also normal; as your eye heals, it will clear up. 

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