all about computer vision syndrome

All About Computer Vision Syndrome

How many times did your parents tell you not to watch the TV all day? Almost all of us can remember a time our parents used to say that! Was it an exaggeration, or were they right?

Nowadays, you can do so many things with your phone. We are staring at our electronic devices for most of the day. Some people work on their computers 8 hours a day, and then they get home and sit in front of the TV. Our eyes barely rest, and it is affecting us!

Many patients visit our eye specialist in Calgary due to vision concerns. A common one is the Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) or digital eyestrain.

What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

The syndrome includes many issues. It consists of a group of vision-related problems derived from a prolonged use of tablets, cellphones, or computers. It is also known as digital eye strain.

The symptoms of this condition may include blurry vision, dry eyes, constant headaches, and shoulder pain.

If you feel any of these symptoms, you should look for an eye specialist near you. They will check on your medical history and perform some tests to evaluate the movement and focusing of your eyes.

If they determine that you suffer from digital eye strain, they will recommend some measures to avoid the problems, such as:

The “20-20-20” Rule

Even if your eyes are healthy and you don’t feel any symptoms, we suggest you consider this rule while you work on the computer for long hours or binge-watching a TV show to prevent the strain. It consists of looking at something 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds after spending 20 minutes working/watching TV. You will notice how the stress in your eyes decreases, and you will perform your activities better. 

Short Screen Breaks

It is safe to say that most people don’t realize how much time they spend watching screens. Between work, checking your social media, and watching TV, you can spend almost all day facing an electronic device. Short breaks of two or three minutes may prevent Computer Vision Syndrome.

Use Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

Studies show that the blue light of these devices increases the risk of eye strain because it is a high-energy light. You may use your phone at night wearing blue light blocking glasses.

A Healthy Diet

What you consume determines how well you will perform during the day. Eating healthy meals and consuming Vitamin A is essential for your eyes’ health.

Research shows that lutein and zeaxanthin are the best antioxidants against vision issues. You may include them in your diet by consuming the following foods:

– Dark-green vegetables, such as kale, spinach, and broccoli.

– Eggs (egg yolks contain these antioxidants).

– Peppers.

Making small changes such as using the right glasses, maintaining a proper diet, and taking breaks can prevent grave problems with your vision. If you do so, you may avoid visiting eye surgeons in Calgary.

We overuse our eyes. Better to take precautions to avoid undergoing surgical procedures.

Schedule Your Appointment

If you feel fatigued, have red eyes, neck or shoulder pain, and other symptoms that may indicate you suffer from digital eye strain, you may schedule an appointment at our centres.

At Seema Eye Care Centre, we have a team of specialists that will evaluate you and determine the best treatment plan for you. Every part of your body must be sacred to you, and you must take care of it to ensure a happy and healthy life. We will help you along the way!