10 tips to achieve the best cataract surgery recovery

10 Tips to Achieve The Best Cataract Surgery Recovery

Cataract surgery in Calgary involves the insertion of an intraocular lens to restore full site to patients whose eyesight was previously limited by cataracts. Cataract surgery is performed under topical anesthesia in approximately 20 minutes. Many patients report returning to a fully normal life by the very next day.

As quick as the procedure is, it is important to be cautious and careful until your eye has fully healed, and for several weeks following your surgery. While recovery times vary from person to person, a typical recovery period is approximately one month long. Within a week or two of the procedure, you may expect to see sharply again. To ensure you recover fully and that your vision is restored completely, it’s important to follow your ophthalmologist’s instructions carefully.

In this article, we will explain eight things that you should expect following the procedure and 10 important guidelines for ensuring a full recovery.

What to expect after cataract surgery in Calgary

  • For two or three days, your eye will be hypersensitive to light and glares
  • While the swelling in your cornea recovers, clouded vision is normal for the first 48 to 72 hours
  • The white of your eye may appear red
  • For several hours after your cataract surgery, you may experience a slight burning sensation
  • For several months after your cataract surgery, you may experience a persistent dry eye sensation
  • You may experience the sensation of an itch or the feeling that there is a foreign object on your eye. It’s a completely normal sensation that will resolve within a few weeks
  • You may, particularly at night, notice that lights are elongated or surrounded by a halo effect
  • Though rare, the development of secondary cataracts is possible following cataract surgery

If you experience any unexpected or alarming symptoms, contact your eye specialist in Calgary for their assessment and support.

Ten tips for making a full recovery from cataract surgery

While your wounds are healing, it is essential that you adhere to the following 10 basic guidelines. They’re especially important during the first two weeks after your procedure. During that first two week period, your eye will be in a very delicate condition.

  1. Concentrate on perfect hygiene as it relates to your hands, face, and eyes.
  2. Follow your eye drops prescription carefully and completely, washing your hands completely before every set of drops
  3. Protect your eyes from any trauma
  4. When sleeping, wear the protective cup that you were provided after your procedure. Wash that cup completely and carefully before putting it on
  5. Avoid sleeping on the side of your face where the procedure was performed
  6. Avoid sudden movements and physical exertion
  7. When washing your hair, do so very carefully to avoid getting any soap or shampoo in your eyes
  8. Do not play sports until you have reached full recovery from your procedure
  9. While your eye is recovering from the procedure and adapting to its new IOL, avoid driving
  10. For approximately three weeks after your procedure, avoid swimming and other intense physical activity

If you experience any unexpected or unusual symptoms in the days after your procedure, speak to your ophthalmologist right away.

Following those 10 guidelines will support your recovery, but are not a substitute for support from your eye specialist in Calgary or attending your post-surgery appointments. Be sure to attend your first follow-up appointment which will be scheduled for one day after your procedure — and all subsequent appointments to make sure you stay on track for a full recovery. Do you have any questions about cataract surgery in Calgary? An eye specialist near you would love the chance to answer all of them. If you have been living with cloudy or limited vision and are curious about cataract surgery in Calgary, contact an eye specialist to learn about options for restoring your full eyesight.