Why You Should Choose Private Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are so common, but also so important to get them treated. The thought of surgery can be very daunting to many, but with Seema Eye Care in Calgary, we are dedicated to giving you the best treatment in the best facilities by the best optometrists. There may be some confusion behind the real difference of receiving cataract surgery through health insurance care providers vs. making an appointment with a private practice. We will discuss the benefits associated with closing to have your cataract surgery performed in a private, more intimate setting.

Treatment That’s Tailored to You

At Seema, we aim to give you the most options possible associated with any eye procedure in order to tailor each visit to your exact needs and preferences. Whether you choose to have standard cataract treatment by replacing the lens of your eye with a synthetic intraocular lens, or you would rather try refractive cataract surgery, we’re here to help you choose which would be best for you. With refractive cataract surgery, we use multi-focus lenses instead. This offers the advantages of not only treating your cataracts, but they also have the potential to cure you of long sightedness, short sightedness or even astigmatism.

No Long Waiting Lists

No need to wait for a doctor appointment to become available, with choosing a private practice to perform your cataract surgery, you get to choose the date and time of your surgery. We’ll work around your schedule instead of you working around ours.

World-Class Facilities

Our treatment offices are designed with you in mind, to maximize comfort and efficiency. Our state-of-the-art facilities and technology will leave you resting assured and knowing that we want the best for you and your eyesight.

Comprehensive Aftercare

Our care doesn’t stop after the procedure has been completed. To assist you in the recovery process, we are available to make sure you’re still comfortable after cataract surgery.

As you can see, from the very first visit, all the way to involved aftercare, we at Seema Eye Care view each of our patients important. Give our office a call today to experience our dedication to eye care!