Why You Should Choose Private Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are so common, but also so important to get them treated. The thought of surgery can be very daunting to many, but with Seema Eye Care in Ca...

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Talk to the Experts: Dr. Al-Ghoul Discusses Dry Eye Disease

Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghoul of Seema Eye Care Centre recently sat down to talk with Pam Hunter at Talk to the Experts about a number of eye issues including dr...

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Amazing Facts About our Eyes

When you stop to think about it, eyes are seriously fascinating parts of our bodies. Most people take for granted the astounding capabilities of this ...

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The Role of Tears

What makes you cry? Whether you’re young or old, no matter where on earth you’re from, we can guess at one point in your life or another you’ve ...

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Treating Corneal Ectasia

As mentioned on our Corneal Ectasia Management page, the term corneal ectasia can refer to a group of conditions, most notably keratoconus. It is caus...

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The Effects of Drinking Alcohol On Your Eyes

Everyone who has too much to drink knows that being a little tipsy can cause blurry vision, but is that where the effects stop? What does drinking alc...

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